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November 2019

MARCS Entrance

A few of the activities by the MARCS members
Click on photos for larger images.

Perry Brink's Piper TriPacer preparing for flight being assisted by his son Jack.

Murrysville Community Park

MARCS put on a great display under the red and white 'big-top' tent during the Murrysville Community Days Festival, Saturday, August 13th. The 'big-top' tent which can be seen in the photo was located at the entrance of at the Murrysville Community Park.

Quite a few visitors stopped by our very attractive 20x20ft red and white pole tent to ask about our quadcopters, helicopters and aircraft that were on display.

Murrysville Community Park

Many of the members assisted with working the booth. Walt, Dick B, Pete S, Dave B, Dave J, Dave S, the other Dave B, Dave F (I just realized there are quiet a few members named Dave). All of the Dave's flew their electric powered quadcopters, helicopters and aircraft. Walt Green even taxied his big 'wet fuel' powered Aeromaster biplane.

A special Thank You to Dave Brodak and Dave Blackmore for all of their hard work organizing and setting up for this event. Thank You, Dave's!


Dick Blewitt's Piper Cub on a landing approach.


Pete Sipe's and his large Aeromaster. It is powered by a Saito 300 twin.


This is young Jack Brink and his Barnstormer biplane. It is powered by a 74cc gas engine and a 24 inch propeller.

We don't know the name of this aircraft so let us know your ideas.


Dave Frew and his very good looking Hanger9 Spitfire. This is an electic powered aircraft with a 19" propeller.


Joe Heuler's Redwing Extra 330. This aircraft weighs 19 lbs and is powered by a DA70cc engine and a 25" propeller.

Click HERE to view a flight video

Violent maneuver crash, September 10, 2017.

Flying the skys again, April 2018.

Indian PA 2016 Summer Solstice Flyin

The Indiana Flyers Club held their second annual flying event at their field on Saturday, June 18th, 2016.  

Several of our members attended the event including Brian Beskitt, Dick Blewitt, Perry Brink, Jack Brink, Dave Frew and Joe Heuler.  

The Indiana Gazette was there and requested flight video to produce a news segment. Perry Brink generously volunteered to mount the news station's GoPro camera to his Jackster aircraft. Video clips that the Indiana Gazette created were posted on YouTube. The links are below for your viewing enjoyment.  

Click HERE to view the final production video

Click HERE to view the raw full length video

Pilatus Porter

This is Brian Beskitt's very good looking Pilatus Porter.

The full scale aircraft is designed by Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland. The Porter is a utility aircraft that was designed for Short Take-Off and Landing.

Brian's makes good use of the flaps as he performs what the aircraft is noted for... STOL's

Inverza 62

This aircraft belongs to Dave Frew. It is a Hanger9 Inverza 62.

This aircraft is a very large aircraft and is electric powered. Dave has installed a motor in this craft that will allow it to perform any maneuver in the Pattern or 3D categories. This is quite an airplane.

RIP Septermber 17, 2017

August 2018 Update: Dave Kratz has resurrected this aircraft. It is once again flying the skys.

BAC Jackster

This aircraft is called the Jackster. It was designed and scratch built by Perry Brink of the Brink Aircraft Company. This plane has a 12ft wing span and is powered by a DA100 and a 28in propeller.

The performance of this aircraft surprises everyone. This aircraft is capable of not only flying fast but it can fly so slow that it is also impossible to stall. You'll be surprised not only when you see it fly inverted but even more so when you see it fly knife edge.

Lazy Ace

This Lazy Ace is one of Brian Beskitt's planes you'll see at the field. The power plant was recently changed to an OS 1.2


This Super Cub belongs to Joe Heuler. It is a Hanger9 Super Cub powered by an OS GT33.

You will see it at the field on the days with little wind.

Click HERE to view an in-flight video


This Stuka dive bomber is John Bumbaugh's latest addition to his hanger.

This warplane has a very distinctive wing silhouette especially noticeable in the air.

Big Stick

This Big Stick belongs to Dick Blewitt. It is a Value Hobbies ARF and is powered by an OS 1.20.

This plane has a very large flight envelope. It can fly fast but will slow down and fly very gently.


This large Yak belowngs to Jack. It is both a gentle and 3D performer.

Brisson 1.10 with Vess 26B prop.


This beautiful biplane belongs to Dave Frew. It is an electric powered high performer.

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November 14th, 7:30pm
Location: Murrysville Senior Citizen Center

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Meeting location is the Murrysville Senior Citizen Center the months September thru April
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